The Disavowed Database

Over 100,000 manually reviewed and disavowed domains

About the Disavowed Database

In keeping with our philosophy of accountability and transparency, we have made our database of over 100,000 manually reviewed and disavowed domains public and searchable.

The database displays only the root domain of a link or domain that we have submitted in a disavowed file to Google. It also displays the date it was disavowed.

How Useful is this Data?

Just because a domain is in our database, does not necessarily mean that it’s a risk. However, domains that appear multiple times, (some appear over 20 times) may be worth taking a closer look at.

The data is most useful when comparing an entire domain as you can quickly identify high risk domains and prioritise these for further scrutiny. You can also look at the overall quality and potential risk of your link profile, looking at what percentage of your linking domains are in the disavow database and the total number of times domains that link to you have been submitted. These are all metrics we provide in our report.

If you have a query about the database please don’t hesitate to get in touch.