SEO 101: How Long Should a Page Title & Meta Description Be?

By November 17, 2016SEO
  • Google usually shows the first 512px of a page title, which can equate to 55 to 60 characters.
  • For meta descriptions, usually only the first 923px will be shown, around 150 to 155 characters.
Character Length
Pixel Length
Page Title 55-60 512px
Meta Description 150-155 923px

See what your search result will look like

Enter Your Title Text:
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This is your title tag, it helps define the meaning of the page.
This is your meta description, it has no impact on your rankings but can be used to increase CTR with appealing messaging and CTA's.

Page Title How-to Guide

<title>Here's an example of a page title</title>

Page titles are an important ranking factor for search engines, they act as an indicator of the purpose and content of the page in question.

Recommended length: 55-60 characters – 512px

Page titles are the blue links in the Google search results:


It’s important to include your target keywords in the title as it will have a positive impact on your rankings,  but remember to also have in mind that searchers will be reading the page title and choosing which link to click on. Make sure they make sense to humans and aren’t just a jumbled mass of repeated keywords.


Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name

Widgets for Men – Inc. Large, Medium & Small |

Avoid doing this:

BUY WIDGETS! | big widgets, medium widgets, small widgets, widgets online uk


Meta Description How-to Guide

<meta name="description" content="Here's an example of a meta description">

Meta descriptions provide no direct ranking benefit from an algorithm point of view, but are still important when thinking about SEO. They can act as the ‘shop window’ for your website, providing searchers with a preview of the pages purpose and content before actually visiting it.

Recommended length: 150-155 characters – 923px

Meta descriptions look like this in the Google search results:


It’s recommended to include calls to action e.g. “Discover”, “Find”, “Shop our range”, as well as USP’s e.g. “25 year warranty”, “Free delivery”, “Award winning”.

Feel free to be creative, you can use the meta description as a means of standing out from the competition.


Discover our extensive range of award winning widgets from brands inc. WidgetInc & Widgets-R-Us. 25 year warranty. Free delivery on all widgets.

Avoid doing this:

BUY WIDGETS ONLINE UK 2016. Widgets for men, widgets for women.