Link Auditing & Risk Management

Contextual and algorithmic forensic link auditing

A unique approach to link auditing

Our approach combines automated algorithmic analysis with a manual, human contextual review process, to deliver what we believe to be the most robust link auditing process on the market today.

Combining Data with Context

Our approach looks beyond just the data, link metrics and link profiles, into what is most important to search engines – the context, relevance and purpose of the links, content and link development activity. We analyse and understand why those links exist, and whether they could be deemed to be in breach of guidelines.

We look at the strategies and tactics that underpin the links and link profiles. We ask why these links exist. What purpose does the content or marketing activity serve? Who is it relevant to and targeted at? What specific tactics are being used? Are they being over used? Are they in breach of guidelines?

We think that this human element, carried out by experienced digital marketing consultants, is what makes the difference. Because when it comes down to it – it’s the methods and tactics that created the link that is going to get you into trouble with Google.

Six Level Auditing Process

Our link auditing process contains six separate elements, combining data driven algorithmic analysis with contextual human reviews.

The Strategy
The Tactics
The Link Profile
The Domains
The Content
The Links

The Disavowed Database

In keeping with our philosophy of accountability and transparency, we have made our database of over 100,000 manually reviewed and disavowed domains public and searchable. Find out more about the Disavowed Database here.

Link Auditing Services

We offer a variety of link auditing an Google penalty removal services; from one off reviews, to ongoing monthly audits to real time monitoring.