Some people are really stupid aren’t they. Lazy too.

Despite this website being called “WORSTinfographic”, I still get inundated with submissions from people who are either too stupid, illiterate, lazy or possibly a combination of all 3, to realise that this is not your usual infographic spam gallery and want me to actually publish and link to their shitty infographics. More worrying still is that the vast majority of these submissions come from so called SEO and social media experts. To me these people personify everything that is wrong with the SEO industry and are the reason why everybody hates infographics.

You’ve ruined it for everybody else, I hope you’re bloody happy.

Ironically this infographic is titled “the new appraoch to SEO” , but unless this new approach is to waste your money making really shit infographics and then submit them to websites that will ridicule and mock your  attempts at design and marketing, then I’m not sure they are practising what they preach.

There is one positive though, a penguin about to chainsaw a panda in half, who doesn’t enjoy that?

Infographic new approach to seo